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Join a Round Robin

A Round Robin group communicates by surface mail. The leader starts by writing about his/her life, caregiving or otherwise, then sends it to the next person on the list.  Each in turn writes about what is going on for him/herself, and so it goes, from home to home.  You do not need a computer for this -- only the services of your local post office!

Hear what one Round Robin member has to say:

"I've been a member for years now and I really look forward to your newsletter, however, because I live in a small town on the West Coast, most of the events aren't possible for me to attend. Also, there is no support group near me, so I opted years ago for a Round Robin... I must tell you that in my opinion it has been indispensable. I look forward to it when it comes around and feel I know the others personally. We get to know each other's problems and highs and lows. I'm aware that a lot of people like computers and like to write on the forums, but there are those of us who don't have time for computers most days or even don't own one. I really enjoy writing letters and we can add little things - it is so much more personal and FUN! Getting that envelope with the RR is an adventure all in itself... "What's in here this time?"  -- Gail B.

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You do need to be a WSA supporting member to join a Round Robin. For more information, click here and be sure to include "Join a Round Robin" in your request -- or call the Office at 800-838-0879.